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Love, Life, And Lice

It’s Valentines!   If you haven’t been to a single retail store since the day after Christmas, you might not be aware that it’s Carlton Cards favourite time of year: Valentines Day! The time of year where love is in the air and cartoon babies shooting people with arrows is culturally acceptable. Now, if your […]

New Year, Same Lice

Wow, we haven’t posted a blog since last year! We know, it’s a terrible joke. Thank you for your pity laugh anyway! Bad jokes aside, it is yet again a new and fresh year, ripe for the taking! Of course, any New Year wouldn’t be complete without a long list of things we are going […]

Lice Treatment: Defend Your Scalp

Lice – by far – are one of the most frustrating pests to ever invade humankind. Primarily because of lice only targeting and surviving off of the human scalp. The exclusivity of infesting the human head and their tendency to cause discomfort and itchiness, lice rank as the most annoying pest at best, and the […]

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