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Our head lice treatment centre which services, Cloverdale, British Columbia Canada is a member of the Lice Clinics of Canada (LCC), the largest network of head lice removal centres in the world!

Since Head Lice have developed a resistance to the chemicals in over-the-counter shampoos in several countries including Canada, it is becoming harder than ever to deal with lice using home treatments. However, there is no evidence that lice can develop resistance to our unique heated air system. Currently, we are an exclusive operator of the AirAllé ® device, the only FDA and Health Canada-cleared medical device in the world to eradicate head lice. This special device uses heat to kill lice & eggs in one single treatment through dehydration. This device has performed over 650,000+ successful lice removal treatments with absolutely zero safety claims. On average, our treatments take about an hour and are 99% successful on the first visit. Call us today for your lice removal needs in and around Cloverdale, Canada!

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